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Kalandos Naxos Greece

Location, Kalados Bay

Kalados Bay is situated on the southern part of Naxos. It is one of the few natural, leeward bays of Naxos. A wonderful beach surrounded by the sea on one side and a small lake on the other side. A magical landscape, with crystal clear water. From the beach you can clearly see the islands of Heraklia and Skinousa. If you are travelling by boat between Heraklia and Naxos, you will definitely feel the need to drop the anchor in Kalados Bay.

To get here by car, you need to drive 23km from Filoti (about 45km from Chora). Nevertheless, it is an asphalted road almost up to the port and the beach now, which is easy and safe to drive on. We will be waiting for you in one of the last unspoilt and peaceful places of Naxos. For the traveller who wants to escape the overcrowded beaches and noise of the city center!

Our studios are 2 minutes walk from the beach.

Kalandos Naxos Greece Agioi Theodoroi


  • Airport: 50 km
  • City Centre (Chora): 45 km
  • Nearest Village (Filoti): 25 km
  • Nearest Shops/Supermarkets (Filoti): 25 km
  • Naxos Port: 45 km

The nearest Place of Historical Interest is the Tower of Chimarros

The Tower of Chimarros is located in Filoti, a very scenic village in the center of NaxosIsland. It was built in the 4th – 3rd centuries BC, during the Hellenistic Period and is a circular, marble structure standing at a height of approximately 15 meters.

The tower of Cheimarros is a point of reference for Naxos, equivalent to the “Portara” (gate) of the antique ApolloTemple on the islet Palatia. It is a monument with a symbolic meaning and an impressive presence which has passed in the legend and is celebrated among others in the following local folk song:

O kardia mou pou se tharrou, san ton pyrgo tou Cheimarrou
Oh my heart, you take courage, like the Tower of Cheimarros

The circular tower constitutes an exceptional sample of a well preserved defensive structure of the 4th century and pre dominates a secluded and today uninhabited landscape on the lowest hills of the MountZas, in the southeast part of Naxos. The existing building stands to the impressive height of about 15 m and has a double wall. The exterior wall is built by big local marble plinths, while the interior is built by stones of different size with connectors in between.

The walls are connected at regular intervals by side-arch bricks, which stand out unrefined, exceeding the interior face. The gap between the two faces is filled up with a mixture of clay and boulder. The fine matching of the exterior stones without binder as well as the whole construction of the monument bear evidence to the high quality of the antique stone art.

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